Faith & Work


For most Christians I meet, one of the biggest questions I’m asked is, “how can I live out my faith at work?” The average person spends the majority of their time at work &/or something work-related. We are called to be Salt & Light of the world but for many Christians, we’ve been really good at being salty and bright within the four walls of the Church.

I thought about the ones making an authentic spiritual impact in the workforce and they have these 4 traits in common.

  1. They Live in the Word Daily

People making an impact in the workplace first and foremost are impacted by the teachings of Scripture. One day of Bible reading may not transform you overnight, but daily diligence over the course of several years will cause massive transformation in your heart, mind, emotions, & actions. Check out Joel Stocktill Bible Reading Plan & Wayne Cordeiro SOAP method to  jump start your life in the Word today.

2. They Know How to Talk to God

The point of prayer is talking with God. Practicing prayer on a daily basis, no matter how short the conversation may be, reminds us that we are not of this world. We are spiritual beings that were meant to have a real, tangible relationship with God. That relationship becomes a reality when we talk with God. Here are 5 books that have helped me in my walk with God.

1. Growing in Prayer 2. Timothy Keller Prayer 3. Jeanne Guyon

4. Red Moon Rising 5. EM Bounds Prayer

3. They are Passionate People

I’m not just talking about having passion for Jesus. They show up to work with passion, a desire to do their work with excellence. They show it by being faithful even in the smallest tasks. Passion fuels creativity. Creativity attracts people and your work gets noticed. They are consistently on time, dependable, & do more than what is expected of them. They own up to their mistakes and they are humble to receive feedback because they have a hunger to be better.

An obvious Biblical example would be Joseph & Daniel who were given favor and the spirit of excellence. These 2 are amazing examples of young men being faithful to their assignment, even though they were serving under ungodly leaders. How you perform at the workplace is usually where people will take notice of you. On the flip side, our witness loses its credibility when we are lazy, late, or irresponsible.

4. They Care About People

There’s a saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” People who shine the light of Jesus in the work place do just that, they shine their light upon someone who is in darkness. In most working environments, it is inappropriate to share one’s faith openly. It can warrant termination. Wisdom would be to just genuinely care for people and ask how they’re doing. Be alert to your coworkers’ feelings and simply ask how they’re doing. Everyone has their ‘off’ days, may go through a season of brokenness, experiences personal tragedy, etc. When people know that someone genuinely cares about them, it disarms them and they become vulnerable. In time, you may not even have to start the conversation about your faith, most likely they will initiate it just because you’ve consistently shown how much you care.

Many Christians have been sharing Chance the Rapper’s Grammy performance on Social Media. His performance at the Grammy’s was not only electrifying, but he did what many Christian artists say they would do if given the chance but don’t end up doing. Chance the Rapper exalted the name of Jesus loud and clear on Hollywood’s biggest stage. I mention his performance because one just doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to worship Jesus when given the opportunity to perform at the Grammy’s. This might have been brewing in him for years. What he did on stage must have been a reflection of his daily life. I don’t know him personally, but his passion for what he does and who He lives for is truly admirable.

Now most of us will never perform on Hollywood’s biggest stage, but we are all given a platform every day we show up to work. Chance the Rapper gave us Christians courage to do what he did in the workplace. None of these points are nothing new. How will we use our platform?

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